Welcome to...

D Big Woo

Named in honor of the world famous volcano - The Big Woo

(need a hint... go rent Joe vs. the Volcano 

a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie Warner Bros 1990)

So what is this site?...  It is a sharing place.

I've got stuff here, some family members have stuff here,

even some friends and co-workers have stuff here.

Heck, I even have some work stuff here!  Yuck!

So where is all this stuff?...  Ahhh... That is the trick!

It is hidden!  Well, sort of, it is in sub-pages and sub-domains.

Why?...  Because I want to keep the topics separate.

They have to do with different things and different people.

Each one has it's own area and it's own 'launching page'.

OK, Smart-guy, how do I find it?...  Well, some of the pages

may have links right here or listed in the Table of Contents

(but don't count on it - sorry).

More likely, you will have been told how to get there

by the creator of the page or by a reference somewhere.

Hey, if all else fails, just tell me what you are looking for

and I'll see if there is anything here to help you out!

(BTW, click the monorail for WDW Tips)



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